Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
08 June, 01:05
[Stream #219] ASMR #2 - Use me to relax!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
02 May, 08:05
[Stream #206] Vtuber | It's Time for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
02 May, 07:28
In 30 minutes, it's finally time to play the DLC to Xenoblade Chronicles 3! Let's discover the origins of the first City, and learn more about Matthew and his crew!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
02 May, 12:01

In one hour, I will be doing my first ASMR stream to celebrate 600 followers on Twitch! I've been looking forward to trying it out! Come and relax with me if you like!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
29 April, 01:27
I'm back!

Monday, May 1st @ 8PM US Central Time, I'll be doing a prop ASMR stream

Come on by and relax!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
27 April, 07:09
How did this happen? I haven't been streaming the last 2 months!! Holy cow I am so happy! Thank you so so much to my #eincerjar for over 600 followers on Twitch!! I suppose the upcoming ASMR stream on May 1st can now be a considered a 600-follower celebration as well!!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
19 April, 11:09
New schedule is ready!

MON, TUES, THURS, & FRI will remain the same, but Wednesdays will be reserved for ASMR. There will not be an ASMR stream every Wednesday, but when there is one, it will usually fall on Wednesdays!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
18 April, 12:53
So, I think I like the 8PM Central Time slot for ASMR streams, but I'm unsure on the days. I'm still gonna stream my first ASMR stream on May 1st, but afterward I'm unsure if I should use one of my regular days, or do ASMR on some Wednesday nights. What do you all think? #ENVtubers #VtubersUprising
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
14 April, 01:54
I made a Tellonym!

If you'd like to ask me questions, feel free to here (I will only respond to reasonable questions):
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
09 April, 06:50
Happy Easter to all my eincerjar! And Happy Easter to the vtuber community! #ENVtuber #VtubersUprising #vTuber #VTuberEaster
Hayami Estate| Multi.. @Hayami_Estate
31 March, 04:36
Hello my dear Stream family!
I am your beloved Stream mom, Felicity Hayami ^-^
Supporting everyone as best I can while having some fun~

I have a support tag for you to use if you want me to send support like sharing and such! I also have a talkshow which I send invites out to people to whenever the schedule clears up ^-^

Wanna see what else I got~?
Check out my carrd like:
I have things like my Daki and Discord servers there and would love to see you all at my next stream! ^-^

Always remember that...

Art by CosmicFlower.66 on insta
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
05 April, 10:25
I've gotten some great ideas for ASMR triggers tonight, & will soon get to work on some overlays to suit an ASMR aesthetic. If any of you still have ideas for triggers or suggestions on the vibe you're looking for, feel free to comment below! You have until May 1st when I return!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
04 April, 06:51
My hiatus is almost over (I will be returning in May), & I've decided, after many people have suggested it, that 2023 will be the start of my ASMR journey! I was hesitant, but I am thinking my return stream should be an ASMR stream. Trigger suggestions are welcome!
Kittlamia⚔️🛡️(Cerile.. @Cerileyn
03 April, 01:11
Greetings and Ceritations!! My name is Cerileyn! It's pronounced like "Sarah-Lane", but you can call me Ceri or Cherry! I hope to get along with all of you!