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Arden @ArdenVT
03 April, 03:05
Eldritch VTuber & Romantic Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author 🔞
Nonbinary | They/Them/Theirs

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Arden @ArdenVT
08 April, 07:17
Greetings, morsels! Tomorrow @ 5PM EST I'll be doing a coworking stream over on Twitch and playing Spirit City: Lofi Sessions while I edit Song of the Depths 2. Come chill in chat, work or study alongside me, and vibe to some sweet lofi tunes!
Arden @ArdenVT
06 April, 08:52
Trying No Man's Sky for the first time with my partner! Come hang out with us~
Arden @ArdenVT
03 April, 12:56
Spoonmaster & Paladin vs. Monoliths~ Come hang out with us on Twitch!
Arden @ArdenVT
01 July, 09:25
With birb app on the rocks, mayhaps I'll peek in here more? Hmmm.