Predebut ☠ Necrotra ☢ @Necrockster
So would anyone out here want some free art? Drop your PNG below for a lil sketch 💚 #VArtist #FreeArt #ArtRequest #art
22 August, 02:32
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DrXela @DrXela
24 August, 07:39
Replying to Predebut ☠ Necrotra ☢'s Post
here you go :3 if you need more, tell me ^^
Shiryu (COMMI OPEN) @Shiryu
22 August, 08:29
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Hello ! Thank you, that's pretty cool !!
It has changed a bit since then, for example the hands are no longer cat paws but just hands!
Predebut ☠ Necrotra .. @Necrockster
22 August, 08:17
Replying to Shiryu (COMMI OPEN)'s Post
I'll get started on it right away, love this design 💚