Hypeventure @hypeventure
04 March, 01:00
I'm sure they look cute together though, and youthful. Probably.

Hypeventure @hypeventure
22 February, 12:35
Something I might wanted to say recently...
Hypeventure @hypeventure
23 January, 02:36
Now that is what I called a tradition!
Hypeventure @hypeventure
18 December, 08:55
Loneliness ended me up a terrible day of nothing but me overslept...
Hypeventure @hypeventure
12 December, 07:12
We was called by the soul from the past. This shocked me in many ways. I didn't remember I had time diving to Japanese creators before I officially had my name on Spotify.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
07 December, 10:37
Faces of Japanese female friends are... Already cute from the start, and I can say, they are the stars of the nights
Hypeventure @hypeventure
06 December, 03:36
I took this pic this just for fun and memes, nothing special.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
05 December, 03:24
Understanding the body of a girl to help them...
I ain't no simp, but I can't help females without doing this.
I must protect them, or else.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
05 December, 12:55
Someone gave me this box of Danisa cookies... And 20 days left till this thing expires.

Good things I have brothers to eat this.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
03 December, 11:56
So I found this during the mission I have to take in....
Hypeventure @hypeventure
02 December, 08:19
So much Vtuber... Recently.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
30 November, 02:39
New Vtuber, discovered. Here on this platform.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
28 November, 12:14
Y'all I felt betrayed. :(((
Hypeventure @hypeventure
28 November, 04:32
So I had a dream, an hour ago since I tweet this. So basically, where I see kind of an ancient world with buildings are almost broke. And somehow, I had a power of God, flying in the sky, be the director and draw the world, making it more modern more than ever and it went a lot of better. New companies and so on. And then I fly to a wild place and slowly rest... And dream over.

Those things are happened under my control too, did I got a lucid dream????
Hypeventure @hypeventure
26 November, 02:20
When Ubuntu and ChromeOS is too painful to setup for remoting...

Windows is the only option.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
24 November, 02:28
Welp, this feed seems filled with hashtags...

for... what?
Hypeventure @hypeventure
20 November, 01:47
I'm gonna be like, active in here from now on. Most of socials media that I had an account with, looks like they are not safe to continue.

Better escape for my own life.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
07 November, 05:25
Health check done. High chance that I might enter military.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
15 September, 07:31
Alright, here it comes..
Hypeventure @hypeventure
14 September, 11:49
I just literally post something, and people just discovered that post unexpectedly.

I mean, will see. Honestly my beginning to here is already bring me some blasts.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
13 September, 06:33
I might soon explore some more world of Vtube's... but might need a trustier safe way, sooo...

People on the hashtag #ENVtuber , when you guys will go live at Twitch? At what timezone?
Hypeventure @hypeventure
13 September, 06:21
Btw, those who in here and still on X (past known as Twitter)...
Here you go...
Hypeventure @hypeventure
13 September, 06:18
New Vtubers, discovered. Bring it on, creators.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
29 July, 04:17
Couple new badges has been added? Okay? What are these badges are? And where is musical artist badge? I need that one!
Hypeventure @hypeventure
12 July, 11:40
There are new features now? I forgot to check here, sorry!
Hypeventure @hypeventure
16 April, 12:21
For some reason: Vtubers appeared in my sleep dream.

I wonder, what could be this magic...
Hypeventure @hypeventure
09 April, 03:49
I sleep more than usually recently...
Something is wrong with me.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
08 April, 11:26
So I was on a beach and I ended up in a painful body disaster.

It hurts me.
Hypeventure @hypeventure
05 April, 05:21
So I made a new remix to celebrate Demon Slayer...
It's out now, btw
Hypeventure @hypeventure
05 April, 10:20
Today, was.... unreal....