Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
25 December, 05:43
Merry Christmas everyone:)

Christmas dress made by mynexo on BOOTH
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
22 December, 10:45
I had to do something yesterday irl and because of it,I overslept and missed both streams today:( Sorry about that:( Hopefully I'll be able to stream some next week:) Though I'll need to what my holiday plan stuff is before I can say what the stream schedule is for the week
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
21 December, 11:50
Happy 1st day of Winter everyone:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
14 December, 05:00
I'm sorry,buy I'm going to have to cancel tonight's streams:( Sadly I can't get vMagicMirror to work today:( Hopefully I'll be able to stream tomorrow:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
12 December, 04:24
My Twitch recap:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
09 December, 07:54
I am kinda of thinking of doing my traditional art charity stream on the 12th with micron pens,the 13th with copics,the 19th with acrylic paint and the 20th with water colors:) All would be streamed on Twitch from 12-6am EST.Donate at least $2 to get 1 artwork and at least $8 to get all 4 types:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
02 December, 08:23
Hi everyone:) *waves* Happy Holidays Month:) I kinda want to do a traditional drawing charity stream(s) later this month:) Would need to wait for a camera I bought to arrive first before I can talk dates,but was thinking of doing 5 streams on 5 days,each day a different medium:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
27 November, 05:07
Thanks for over 200 followers on Twitch:) *hug* I apparently reached 200 followers last weekend,but because of the holiday,I was busy with stuff,and am just now getting around to making a post about it.Thanks for all the follows:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
24 November, 02:19
I may need to cancel tonight's stream because of family stuff.Anyway,I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
23 November, 07:24
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
23 November, 01:24
This may be a bit short notice,but I've been trying to figure out what my Thanksgiving plans are before hand:( Sorry:(

I think I need to move stream time tonight 3 hours earlier,so I can get some sleep before Thanksgiving activities
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
22 November, 06:04
I'm sorry,but I think I need to cancel stream tonight:( I started to feel pretty light headed for some reason,so I think I'll go to bed instead.Sorry about that:(
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
17 November, 09:12
Sadly,Streamlabs isn't working for me today and after waiting for around an hour or so for it to fully load and it not,I'm sadly going to have to cancel stream:(
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
16 November, 12:10
Since I beat Flat Kingdom over on VStream,I switched game I'm playing over there to Panda Punch,which seems to be a cute platformer:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
05 November, 04:29
I forgot to mention it on social media,but on VStream I've finished Blue Reflection and have started playing Flat Kingdom Paper Cut Edition,which is a platformer with rock,paper,scissors rules for combat:) I stream part 3 on Monday night:)

p.s.:Pictured is a wip of my thumbnail
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
03 November, 06:24
Friday November 3 at 9pm EST is the Love-Chu! Fall Guys collab:) Please feel free to check it out or even try playing with us:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
01 November, 02:33
Happy Halloween from this princess cosplaying princess:)

Blue Princess Dress made by x_YumeZero_x on BOOTH
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
29 October, 12:52
There is going be 3 Love-Chu! collabs coming up:) Sunday at 9pm EST is a Gartic Phone collab hosted by Vix,Monday at 9pm EST is a Pokemon UNITE collab and Friday at 9pm EST is a Fall Guys collab:) I'll be participating in the Pokemon Unite one,but feel free to check all 3 out:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
21 October, 05:22
Now that Twitch has stared allowing multistreaming,do you guys think I should consider doing multistreaming with my streams or just stick to single streaming to just Twitch and VStream?And if I do multistream,should I continue to do 2hr streams or start doing 3 or 4hr streams?
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
12 October, 01:29
Thanks for the 50 followers on VStream:) I'm now half way to Level 1 on that streaming site:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
27 September, 03:23
About 12 and a half hours until my subathon starts:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
26 September, 06:07
I think I'm going to have to cancel the rest of my VStream streams for the rest of the week
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
23 September, 04:42
Happy 1st day of Fall everyone:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
20 September, 09:37
I'm doing a Subathon in celebration,kinda,of my birthday:) It will be on Thursday September 28 at 12am EST and run for a base time of 6 hours.There are more sub goals if needed.Everyone,please feel free to attend my birthday subathon:) *curtsy*
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
18 September, 03:26
゚。Chu! Gen 3 Auditions 
 ゚・。・SEP 18th - 24th  •˚

💕All information below💕

Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
18 September, 12:53
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
13 September, 02:26
Finished Lost Words on Vstream,which was a sad,yet beautiful game,so now I'm going to play the magical girl rpg game Blue Reflection:)

P.S.:No image this time as VRM Posing Desktop wouldn't load for me today:(
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
11 September, 07:40
I'm going to take a break from Saomi,since it's getting so difficult it's causing me pain:( ,so I think I'm going to play some Genshin on Twitch instead:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
06 September, 05:46
Now that I beat River City Girls on VStream,next I plan on playing Lost Words:Beyond the Page on there:)
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
05 September, 05:22
Let's build together🔨Join us in #BRIXITY this Tues at 7PM EDT to build and restore the fallen Earth🌎You can support the stream by installing the game on your phone with the link below and playing till levels 3 and 6! There are TONS of gifts waiting🎁

#vTuber #ENVtuber #ad