Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
14 February, 05:28
I made both 3D and 2D #VTuberAssets for #ValentinesDay this year. I didn't made as much as I wanted but the 3D was both fun and difficult. Hope everyone has a good Valentines days. #VtubersUprising
Download link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
20 January, 04:52
I finally finished #Persona5 masks for #VTubers to use as #VTuberAssets
3D VTubers can now look as cool as the Phantom Thieves with these FBX and glTF models. Go steal some hearts!
Download Link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
15 December, 03:29
#FreeVtuberAssets for 2D vtubers. 3D VTubers can try it too. These are masks from the Phantom Thieves of the #Persona5 anime video game. #VTuberAssets Feel free to download and use. Tag me if you if you show them off.
Download link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
14 December, 04:17
I made some #halloween #VTuberAssets that are a different culture called Dia de los Muertos. There's 2D assets, #VRoidStudio textures, and a costume for vroid models to wear. Have fun.
Download below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
14 December, 04:15
Back to school #VTuberAssets of course you need books, pencil, desk and glasses. But I also added a few fun assets in there, like a very deadly notebook.
Download below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
14 December, 04:12
Thought it would be a struggle to make Skull's mask from #Persona5 but is actually going pretty well. #vuberasset
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
26 October, 04:01
You all ready for #halloween because I am and am working on letting my fluffies have this costume too. Except for glow effect, but you'll have the textures soon. #Skeletons Also some Dia de los Muertos assets being made.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
13 August, 01:41
Today we doing the fun 10min 1min drawing stream. You give me an anime, vtuber, or game character to draw in 10mins, then I also draw it in 1min(that's the funny part).
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
11 August, 03:24
You can now download #fireemblemawakening #Lucina vrm model and assets! I learned new skills doing this, hope you enjoy using the model. This took about 35 hours I believe. fun #VRoidStudio project.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
22 July, 01:53
Still working on this model. Belts are done, now will focus on boots and sleeves.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
24 June, 01:21
Today we shall work on the clothes. This is the tricky part of making a VRoid model, creating your unique clothes.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
18 June, 01:18
Finishing the hair of Lucina. Let's try making the face look as much as her as possible.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
11 June, 06:19
Making up for not streaming Friday. Early stream today. Making nice progress on the Master Cycle.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
11 June, 05:17
It's dangerous to go alone out there. Be sure to take some of these #VTuberAssets on your new journey in #ZeldaTotK and save Hyrule from the evil king.
#Kitzuart #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom
Link to the Ko-Fi: πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
11 June, 05:16
Here are some 3D #VTuberAssets for your new journey in #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom along with Ultra hand texture for use in #VRoidStudio #Kitzuart
It's dangerous to go alone out there. #ZeldaTotK
May the Goddess smile upon you. Link to the Ko-Fi: πŸ‘‡
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
11 June, 05:13
3D modeling the Master Cycle from Zelda Breath of the Wild. A pretty tough practice project to test my 3D modeling skills.
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
07 June, 01:13
When I first became interested in #vtubing in 2020 I actually loved watching Inugami #korone clips. I started out in mid 2021 as a #vTuber and I was expecting to one day collab with the dogo. But it looks like it will never happen and that is ok. lol I am enjoying my streams and learning new skills doing this. #VtuberMemes
Kitzu 🐾 Artist VTube.. @Kitzu_art
07 June, 01:00
Hello! Name is Kitzu(for now).
I'm a fox boy that draws with my fluffy tail. I enjoy drawing and 3D modeling, and hopefully I can help others on their #vTuber journey.
I stream on both Twitch and YouTube, and make a few Tiktok shorts. I do a few #vtubertutorials as my content to help those who are still hiding and want to know how to reveal themselves in this age.
I dream of being an artist for a living one day, my magic may be weak but with your help I can grow better and help out others. Let's all have fun and enjoy our creativity.
#ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising