Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunner✨💦 @ScissorsRunner
I finished my rat boi so let me present to you Warcrimes, he's just a lil guy❤️
I promise you this is not the only Warhammer thing that will come out of me 😏alsoIknowthegreyfurisnotreallyloreaccurateforaslavebuthelookscute

#ageofsigmar #Skaven #warhammer #WarhammerArt
05:11 PM - 23 Jul, 2023
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Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
23 July, 05:12
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The actual miniature he's based on, painted with chunky acrylics and no primer (although I'm extremely proud of the pink to grey gradient on muzzle and arm and the oxidation effect)