nekoli @nekoli
Here’s a mock-up of how I’m thinking of doing hashtags, either by how it’s shown here or by letting a user tap to expand all.

Additionally, I’m thinking of not changing how you would create a post. It would just detect the tags in the post and show them at the bottom, showing the text in the original location.
22 May, 01:36
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☁️🩵Finora🩵☁️ @unfavoritefox
29 May, 10:45
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clean, neat, stylish 😍
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
22 May, 02:17
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I think it's okay? I never understood the hashtag things so I can't really say.
nekoli @nekoli
23 May, 05:09
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It’s a quick way to find similar posts that share your interests mostly, also allows seeing what is popular and what not for trending.
Trash💙💜 @Trash_Mouse__
22 May, 08:37
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I really like it! Thanks for keeping us all updated on things as well!
Lizardguy @Lizardguy
22 May, 03:51
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Looks good to me, I say do it.