Murasaki Ayame @Ayame
Free Art everyone! Help me improve my skills!

How to join!

Comment OC and drop link where you stream

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17 May, 09:36
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Tetsu Fox @Tetsu_Fox
18 May, 07:20
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hope I can help a bit I like helping people out......
Murasaki Ayame @Ayame
18 May, 01:28
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oohhh another 9 tailed! Hai nice to meet yahh~
Murasaki Ayame @Ayame
19 May, 12:54
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Here's your free art!
Kindly support me at twitch 💕

Pm/Dm me if you like to use the png!

If you're interested in my art syle you can visit my portfolio am always open for a YCH chibi commissions 🥰
TheGreatDr.Bright @TheGreatDrBright
18 May, 04:11
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I hope this description is enough, i don't have a picture of my Oc yet.

OC description: purple t-shirt that had a breast pocket, a black overcoat, and black sweatpants on top of her snow-white skin, short violet hair with crimson streaks in it to the left of her head, revealing the shaven right side, forest green flip flops and sharp violet eyes.

I stream here:
Murasaki Ayame @Ayame
19 May, 12:57
Replying to TheGreatDr.Bright's Post
i'll see what I can do po ~