nekoli @nekoli
This is related to the upcoming muting/filter feature.

Right now, posts that contain words/pharses you've muted will be hidden like how they're hidden if you've blocked a user or the post is out of your post sensitivity settings. You'll be able to click and then confirm that you wish to unhide that specific post.

This will only apply to posts in the explore feed. I kinda feel a user's timeline should be left unfiltered, since you're already following a user and opting in to view their content, however this can be changed if desired.
07:30 PM - 17 May, 2023
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Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
18 May, 02:53
Replying to nekoli's post
While i do agree that the timeline should be as clean as possible, People you follow may Retube something or someone that you don't want to see, and if multiple people do it, you'll see that post again and again. So IMO the best option is to make it an option in the settings somehow, let each individual choose how they want their timeline.
nekoli @nekoli
20 May, 01:11
Replying to Fortuna Tu ⬜'s post
I can see this mor now, thank you.
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
18 May, 01:21
Replying to nekoli's post
This feature is for browser as well right? I feel like some of the features are mobile only.
nekoli @nekoli
18 May, 10:03
Replying to Page D'Maj's post
Most features come to the web platform first since I don’t have to wait on Apple or Google to review something.

The app still lacks edit/pin posts and will lack this upcoming filter update since it’ll come to the web first. however the next app version will include it.