nekoli @nekoli
I’m interested in adding support for YouTube to connections, however it doesn’t seem there’s an easy way to retrieve when someone is live like Twitch.

They do have a push notifications system for regular videos. If I wanted to add support for the live badge feature, I would have to manually poll their data api.

Is there a better way for this or no?
10:13 PM - 16 May, 2023
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Lizardguy @Lizardguy
16 May, 10:50
Replying to nekoli's post
Admittedly, having some kind of "Auto announce new youtube videos" thing could be fun if you can implement that.

If not, then oh well.
nekoli @nekoli
16 May, 11:10
Replying to Lizardguy's post
it is possible and I’ll likely do it. it’s just frustrating not being able to support live streams.
nekoli @nekoli
16 May, 10:17
Replying to nekoli's post
Their documentation doesn’t indicate that their push notifications would include live streams.

I know live streams on YouTube are technically still videos, I just don’t see why they wouldn’t include them or some indication that it’s live content in their push notification.