nekoli @nekoli
The next mobile app version will be pushed for review later today and then likely accepted about Tuesday. Once it has been accepted then I'll push the update for the main site.

There are some known issues with the app, however I want to get out what has been fixed now, since a majority of them have been fixed.

This update introduces pronouns, fixes several bugs, and provides performance improvements in several areas.

Please be sure to join our discord to provide feedback:
07 May, 06:20
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Lucciola Delphine @LucciolaDelphine
07 May, 05:13
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will this update fix not getting notifications? only way I get notifications on the app is if I'm physically on the app already. it's annoying because I do have notifications I just don't know because I'm not getting them.
nekoli @nekoli
08 May, 01:21
Replying to Lucciola Delphine's Post
yup, I’ll need to adjust somethings, however I’ve solved the issue with them not sending.