nekoli @nekoli
Hello all,

The connections update is finally released. Going to your Account Settings then Connections, you'll be able to connect your TwitchTV account which will be able to interact with vTubers.Me in various ways:

- Showing a live badge when you're live where your profile shows up on the site.

- Notify your followers when you go live (Soon)

- Show your follower stats (Really soon)

Along with this, I've increased the password max length for accounts from 20 to 50.

Please join our Discord if you have any issues or feedback. :)
01:37 AM - 11 Mar, 2023
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nekoli @nekoli
11 March, 01:38
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I will note, this will require a separate update for mobile to show who is live on mobile. You'll need to connect your accounts from the main site for now.