nekoli @nekoli
I would like to extend my deepest graduate to our current monthly supporters of our ko-fi and Lev who very generously made a one time contribution of 100$, this is currently going towards being able to get the iOS version of the app out as quickly as possible.

You may always find our ko-fi at the right footer of our site, here it is though:

Thank you all for supporting the platform, whether it be financially or just be using it. I appreciate you all. c:
07:30 PM - 14 Feb, 2023
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Laur Art 🧁Deer-fox V.. @Laur_Art
01 April, 05:36
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Been telling all my friends about this site & app. Its so good and its great to have twitch integration!!😍

I'm curious if there are any future plans to combat hate raids? That would be a huge incentive to fully switch to this platform for many.