Lizardguy @Lizardguy
If I'm being honest, I'm a tad tired about hearing how piracy is a magical saintly moral thing to do. Like, is your bar really so low that burning a CD is a sign of being a good person? Back in 06, we called that "Taking your music with you when you didn't have an iPod". And don't get me wrong, Apple sucks, but it wasn't like a moral thing. We just liked music.
09 February, 09:36
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R0g3rW4bb17 @r0g3rw4bb17
10 February, 03:01
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One of the main reasons we have anime in the west is because of piracy.
Lizardguy @Lizardguy
10 February, 04:05
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And the people who did are not gods, just people.

I'm not here to say "Don't pirate", I'm here to say "Dear god, stop trying to say you're magically superior to everyone for burning a CD".