Alex @Alexwhoisgay
Yall, im drawing a model rn and how TF AM I SUPPOSED TO DRAW EYES!?!?
09 February, 02:54
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Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
12 February, 03:09
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Remember that if it's for a model to be sent for rigging you're supposed to make everything their own layer, the eyelashes, the iris and the white of the eye.
Not that I would know, teh he.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
12 February, 03:10
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ok thats really helpful I had legit no idea
thank you!
idk_99 @imjusthere_22
09 February, 03:34
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girlie it depends on how you drawed it and the expression
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
09 February, 03:39
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Im trynna just draw like it as like a basic model T-T I want her to look kinda like shes gonna murder you 24/7