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nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 02:11
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

If you would like to assist the platform in being less reliant on a single point of failure, you can upgrade your account to Vmium or support our ko-fi here:

Thank you for using vTubers.Me. c:
DJ Particle - (Woomy.. @DJParticle
15 July, 12:57
We also got one 100x win for the team, and mucho conches for it! Nice work xanderleek, awwwfudge, Hector!

#スプラトゥーン3 #フェス #遊園地 #TeamThemePark #Splatoon3 #Splatfest #NintendoSwitch
DJ Particle - (Woomy.. @DJParticle
15 July, 12:54
Didn't get a lot of multiplier matches, but won most of them! Great job greenebeau_, DaniInklingg, AwwwFudge, xanderleek, Hector, zordias on these 10x's!

#スプラトゥーン3 #フェス #遊園地 #TeamThemePark #Splatoon3 #Splatfest #NintendoSwitch
DJ Particle - (Woomy.. @DJParticle
11 July, 03:11
Great splats tonight, everyone! Thanks to xanderleek and Lgd_HeroChris for collab, 52_galbitch for resub, @RankoHoshino, BreakManZ for raids, and GC2thereversed2, @keilandean30, Hector, Fury for VC! Aww Fudge got our raid!
DJ Particle - (Woomy.. @DJParticle
20 June, 03:20
From worst to first! 😁 Thanks to @RankoHoshino for collab, Kyomei, Lgd_HeroChris for VC, and BreakManZ for raid! We sent our raid love to Fudge!
Lobato @LobatoLive
15 June, 04:22
Ghostwire Tokyo - Parte 2 - YouTube

Ghostwire Tokyo (PC)Parte 2Live da Twitch gravada em 09/06/2024[P] = Missão principal[S] = Missão secundáriaTIME LINE / LINHA DO TEMPO:0:00:00 InícioCAPÍTULO...

DJ Particle - (Woomy.. @DJParticle
13 June, 03:23
Bad financial luck today, but still fun! Thanks to @RankoHoshino for collab, and @Luirioledragon, Lgd_HeroChris for VC! We sent our love off to AwwFudge!
Akantia @Akantia
11 June, 04:09
I heard a voice being broadcast loudly outside and my anxiety fucking skyrocketed (I figured that it might have been something awful.) It turns out it was coming from a van plastered with some politician's face. Thanks, asshole.
Yoko @Yokonnee
29 May, 03:20
Low energy today... But let's get drawing~
The R-Man @TheRMan
04 May, 11:16

During a recent "RonAI 2.0 talking" stream, RonAI 2.0 asked Roman about a sprite and then got an existential crisis------------------------------------------...

Lobato @LobatoLive
17 April, 01:42
Persona 5 Royal - Parte 25 - YouTube

Persona 5 Royal (PC)Parte 25Castelo de Shido [Parte 2]Live da Twitch gravada em 14/04/2024.A Linha do tempo seguirá a data do jogo. O dia da semana será abre...

⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
01 April, 02:05
Tomorrow, we'll try our hand in Holo X Break again as Nene.

Be sure to tune in at either YouTube, Twitch or Kick. Links are at the pinned post.

#gaming #stream #streaming #livestream #vtuberen #RideStreamVT #holoxbreak #holoX
Lobato @LobatoLive
20 March, 01:14
⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
19 March, 05:30
Tomorrow, the 1.6 Stardew Valley update drops. Let's see what's new when that comes.

Be sure to tune in at either YouTube, Twitch or Kick. Links are at the pinned post.

#gaming #stream #streaming #livestream #JackRiderVT #StardewValley #stardew
Akantia @Akantia
18 March, 03:30
Why do friends insist on playing on the highest difficulty on Helldivers, it's awful with constant bile titans and chargers
Shinobu Ninfox - Nin.. @ShinobuNinfox
13 March, 05:28
First stream of the week

I need your clothes. Ether take them off and give to me, or I'll just strip you down. XD

#vTuber #gaming #SmallStreamer
I need your Shirt, your Pants, and your Hat [Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed - #4] - YouTube

Want to support me in my journey? Donate here:'s Merch Store:

11 March, 04:42
What an awful match to end the day on, jeez.
Akantia @Akantia
08 March, 06:16
So today I played a souls-like game for the first time ever live on stream because it was the last milestone from the charity stream. I am never playing one ever again, it was awful how easy it was for basic monsters to kill you because of how slow the character's animations can be.
#ENVtuber #vTuber #Vtuberuprising
Novali3 Grape Vtuber.. @Novali3
28 February, 07:59
Hey everyone! are you intersted in DnD? do you wanna be part of a originally written campaign? be part of my first time DMing, well I have something for you.
apply to join the party at:
TheMajorFreedom @TheMajorFreedom
14 February, 04:44
The next stream I want to do is read through some old flash comics that Toonami used to do in the 2000s lol love to have some people on to do a live reading of them with me! we could also look at some awful ones too

31 January, 01:08
"✨You can start being kinder to yourself today. You can do that. I know it’s scary, but being awful to yourself is only going to lead to downward spirals. Start pulling yourself up.✨"

- TeacupAudio

#goodmorning #GoodVibes #Quoteoftheday #ENVtuber #PNGtuber
Yoko Yakashi @YokoYakashi
24 January, 08:51
V-Tuber Showcase Applications CLOSE In MARCH. Get in while you can.

Remember, VTubers of all sizes are being accepted. The criteria isn't based on your viewership, be sure to read up!!

Be the first few to be a part of our Generation One rollouts!
Registration Form:
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
21 January, 02:52
A happy way to start the day is to find out someone from an old meme is doing FANTASTICALLY well! Look at him!
Yoko @Yokonnee
17 January, 03:36
Let's draw!! Hopefully I finish the art in one seating!
Golden Kiwi @GoldenKiwi
14 January, 10:21
Lucha Knights! I know I haven't posted in a while because most of my previews have been on twitter, aka, X since it has 2 minutes compared to this depending on MB size. Ads blocking my posts here. So I will be showing you a preview of WWF Raw that I played on Sega Genesis today in the afternoon. Didn't win the tournament, but won the Rumble on the first try. Had to test the game to clear the rust that I had for years first before I did anything. Feel the Lucha! Also, new attire.
#WWFRaw #WWERaw #Sega #SegaGenesis #Prowrestling #vTuber #PNGtuber #Goldendust
Peeper_Crizza @Peeper_Crizza
11 January, 11:19
Chuya Haga @Chuyahaga
11 January, 05:04
Yoko @Yokonnee
11 January, 01:21
Let's continue the event in Reverse 1999 and wrap it all up before the green lake is gone~ Multistreaming time!
❄️ Eviria ❄️// Half .. @Eviria
06 January, 01:11
Good evening, Snowdrops!! Hope you're doing well today!! x3 I'll be streaming modded Lethal Company tonight at 10:30PM PST with frens~ Looking forward to seeing you there!! ^-^ 💙❄️🤍

I gots snowflake... hehe... shiny... = w=

🎨: bubbietea on Fiverr~ 💙❄️🤍
Chuya Haga @Chuyahaga
23 December, 05:08
20 December, 01:20
All I Want For Christmas Is DOOM (BFG Division x AIWFCIY) - YouTube

How do I even explain this crime against humanity?So, the other day Worthless Protoplasm from Spicy Demons Discord pointed out that All I Want For Christmas ...

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