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shaybun @shaybun
04 April, 11:33
Look at this lil clown pfp i made for april fools! Also went back and edited a non clown version >:3

#AprilFools #VTubers
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
03 April, 03:35
- Relearn painting.
-Takes 2 hrs to get a feel for it.
-Paintbrushes are loose.
-Some brush hair melded w/paint
-Stream cut off TWICE
-1 view
Do I have to punch a nibba on Kick live?
JKJK I'll practice more...
#art #paint #restart #learning #Twitch #kick #vTuber #IRL #irlstreaming
Flora @Flora
22 March, 09:50
Gonna try Stardew Valley 1.6 today! I've never really gotten far with Stardew Valley, because I end up playing for a while, then I restart for some reason or another. I don't think I've gotten past Summer Year 2. We'll try to change that! Maybe I'll keep streaming this save if people enjoy it.

LIVE with Stardew Valley at #ENVtuber #Live #StardewValley
LyraMitsukii @LyraMitsukii
24 February, 01:15
Hiya! I made a new YouTube video, marking the restart of of my channel! It would mean a lot if y'all checked it out! :>
Creepy dude flirts with vtuber on laundry day! A storytime~ - YouTube

Sometimes you try to do laundry and a creepy dude (flirts?) with you...what can you do? The lesson I learned that day is...nothing, I couldn't have really do...

Lizardguy @Lizardguy
08 February, 10:16
Downloaded Voicemod, but I don't have the 90 dollars to go pro right now.

Also had to restart my PC because it messed up my sound. So.... yeah. It should be good now.
The R-Man @TheRMan
22 January, 07:12
Just in case the warning doesn't go away till 12PM (or within the next 4 hours), I have to move the restart of the "Twitch VOD archive" stream to the actual archive channel.

I mean, it's actually easy to change it but then I have to change the info bumper (and I'm to lazy to do it again)
The R-Man @TheRMan
21 January, 07:06
L0veRaven @L0veRaven
13 January, 08:14
Donothon Day 3: We're back with restarting my hardcore RE4 Remake playthrough. Come stop by and say hi!

Watch this VTuber stream on Twitch ❤

#ENVtuber #livestream #livestreaming #Twitch #twitchtv
Lucciola Delphine @LucciolaDelphine
15 November, 03:59
Guys.. I'm going to cry.
I put my laptop to sleep last night.. and it somehow restarted... and.. I didn't save my work..
I lost 5+ hours of that art yesterday
Lapu Zon @LapuZon
28 October, 09:43
Well was fun restarting 7 times for the Soul Link Nuzelocke on Emerald. Was painful for every pokemon that died. Thank you
UncannyVenom and cursedwyrm for the pain/fun, and thank you everyone who came by!
Studios Maravillosa .. @MaravillosaLunaShop
15 October, 10:39
PC 🖥 has frozen upon us, hopefully with a quick restart it will work♡ back to live streaming on #Twitch
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
13 October, 11:40
Stream over!!!
We finished the base sprites for Zee, next time we might even finish all the others too! Can't wait ❤️❤️❤️
We finished the live (which stopped and restarted multiple times for some reason) by spreading the sog to MistressChocoVT!
And until next time, behave.
Awoken Artist 🌸 Tsuk.. @AwokenArtist
25 September, 09:21

streaming with my buddy viveltya as we restart our animal crossing islands to get the fruits we want plus to start fresh. come join the fun!
Akantia @Akantia
21 September, 10:00
Oops, two auto live posts. I made the mistake of tabbing out during the loading screen for Metro Exodus. My computer was quite angry about it so stream basically died from encoding overload and pc kept freezing. So I had to restart and then Metro kept crashing for whatever reason. Bit of a chaotic stream but still enjoyable
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
23 August, 10:40
So, a little exciting announcement, if you've been around for many of my older Yu-Gi-Oh DUEL LINKS streams, you might remember when I did the "Character Drop Only" run. You also might be aware that I lost the info for which account it was apart of because I'm dumb as a bag of bricks- but I have managed to start a new account, using my main Steam account, where we can restart that type of account! So, later today, get ready for a brand new beginning for that account!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
18 August, 07:35
BlueStacks was acting funky and my obs crashed, went ahead and restarted my PC to see if it helps fix anything! Will be back soon enough.
NemisXue @NemisXue
09 August, 10:38
Time for a night of a cyberpunk ghost story at the hardest settings. How many times will I have to restart before I complete it. Tune in too find out right now!!!
Compodulator @Compodulator
07 August, 04:04
Good morning.
While today is not a stream day, with some luck, I'll manage to edit my first vod, the "restarting vod" and hopefully upload it to YouTube.
02 August, 02:04
Computer troubleshooting is not what I wanted to spend my entire morning on. At least I might be able to squeeze some more useful ram out of it after I restart my computer... 😭
LadyMismar @LadyMismar
06 July, 10:40
{18+} [EN VT] Cult of the Nail time! GAME RESTART! Come and join your master!!!
#twitchstreamer #vTuber #VtuberSupport #Lewdtuber #CultOfTheLamb
Akantia @Akantia
01 July, 10:07
Ah I'm so sorry this was previously a going live post but tech issues crept up on me and continued even after I restarted my pc and the stream. So I had to end today's stream very early!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
02 June, 04:21
Got a blue screen of death while streaming! Stream will be up soon again as soon as pc restarts properly.
Hexer Peponum🎃🩸| Dem.. @HexerPeponum
27 May, 10:07
🎃🔴Starting Soon🔴🎃
I'm going be restarting my ARK journey today and l'll be join by @ZebraGarden!
LadyMismar @LadyMismar
20 May, 04:02
Okay, I must apologize. OBS is not allowing me to stream no matter what I try. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Updated my computer. Updated drivers. Reinput stream keys. Restarted my computer. It's just not working. If anyone knows how to set up Fansly on Streamlabs, hit me up.
LadyMismar @LadyMismar
17 May, 10:02
{18+} [EN VT] Restarting CULT OF THE LAMB! Come join mommy's cult!!!
#vTuber #Vtuberuprising #Twitch #Lewdtuber #lewdtubers
Vindrash Vystrani ⚙️.. @Vindrash_Vystrani
05 May, 03:44
CURSE YOU INTERNET!!! or at least i assume it was the internet....

The lag was so bad, even after restarting my router, relaunching OBS, even changing the setting, it was so bad that I had to end the stream early...

It sucks, dude. I felt so unprofessional about it... I hope I can figure out what's happening and hope I can prevent it for tomorrow's stream.
PlagueKat @PlagueKat
04 May, 12:42
Guess I just needed to completely restart my computer.
Mirage Aegis 🌊 🐚 🇸🇪 @MirageAegis
19 April, 10:23

Guess who forgor to promote their stream when it started. That's right, this slug right here.
So much just went south tonight but I managed to pull through! Had to restart stream like 4 times among some other things

Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
07 April, 10:33

It's finally Friday! Hope you all have a great day and are ready for the weekend. Meanwhile I can't wait to restart the Yakuza series and enjoy it again with you all on the purple platform 💜
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
06 April, 04:14
3 hours deep into that Nuzlocke and we wiped to Surge...

That's just how the cookie crumbles I suppose! The fusion game is indeed wild! Guess tomorrow we'll have to restart and go again~!
DreamyInky @DreamyInky
04 April, 09:45
Day 3 of subanthon / everything eles has begon.
Atomic Heart restarting the game. X"D cause i fucked up so badly lol
Time to play random games and hat it here.
#ENVtuber #LIVENOW #randomgames

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