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shaybun @shaybun
04 April, 11:33
Look at this lil clown pfp i made for april fools! Also went back and edited a non clown version >:3

#AprilFools #VTubers
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
16 April, 09:58
It's finally model painting time again on #Twitch
#Kaiju #ENVtuber #twitchstreamer
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
03 April, 03:35
- Relearn painting.
-Takes 2 hrs to get a feel for it.
-Paintbrushes are loose.
-Some brush hair melded w/paint
-Stream cut off TWICE
-1 view
Do I have to punch a nibba on Kick live?
JKJK I'll practice more...
#art #paint #restart #learning #Twitch #kick #vTuber #IRL #irlstreaming
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
02 April, 10:55
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
01 April, 12:42
This week's #twitchstreaming schedule finally done with hours to spare. Still gonna be light on miniature painting for at least another week or two.
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
25 March, 02:41
Gonna try to ease back into #ENVtuber #Streamer routine.

I was, honestly, very bored with Fallout: NV so switching to Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga. Model Painting will slowly rotate back in over the coming weeks/months.
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
23 March, 10:08
Had bought this little model years ago. Collected dust on my desk for the longest time. Meant to paint it long ago, but today, he finally gets some life breathed into him. Been a while since I painted something and happy how it turned out. #godzilla
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
18 March, 03:09
Tonight, same time, same channel, in roughly five hours shall we back into the groove of ACTUALLY doing things?
See ya tonight to feed more of my warhammer brainrot, starting the paint job on Isarae and Alessandra (so I can finally give back the repentia squad to Ste lmao)
⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
16 March, 11:51
Tomorrow, we'll continue painting more weight on this Wallmart rabbit's bones.

Be sure to tune in at either YouTube, Twitch or Kick. Links are at the pinned post.

#gaming #stream #streaming #livestream #JackRiderVT #pippa #MMOARTPG
⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
10 March, 05:03
Tomorrow, we'll paint some weight on Pippa's bones.

Be sure to tune in at either YouTube, Twitch or Kick. Links are at the pinned post.

#gaming #stream #streaming #livestream #JackRiderVT #blender #3D #3DArt #pippa #MMOARTPG
⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
02 March, 06:14

Here's what I'll be streaming for the next week.

Two games I play have upcoming updates, plus UV painting.

YouTube :
Twitch :
Kick :

Hope to see you guys there.
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
29 February, 04:33
We just finished "Cat Daughter's" cover PLUS, here's some merch and a speedpaint vid!

#art #Manga #artist #vTuber #comics #vtuberen #VtuberUprsing #mangacoloring
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
23 February, 08:15
Studios Maravillosa .. @MaravillosaLunaShop
19 February, 10:01
🎨💖 Join me for a special stream as we reminisce about our dates and tally up points in Heart's Quest: A Valentine's Otome Adventure! Let's paint a picture of love together! 🌹🎮 #HeartsQuest #OtomeAdventure
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
19 February, 03:16
I wanna stream a certain game, hope Atlus doesn't DMCA my ass...
Oh yeah, speedpaint vid soon.

#gaming #art #vTuber #VTubers #Persona3 #Persona3Reload #personatwt #Fanart #ArtistOnTwitter #Vtuberuprising
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
12 February, 10:59
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
29 January, 11:02
CellPhish | Painter & Gamer Vtuber🔞
Back to shooting up the wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas over on #Twitch

#Kaiju #ENVtuber #TwitchStreamers
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
19 January, 07:39
I won't be painting today..cold is really messing my body and I hurt my left hand at work so... Just gonna finish Sherlock Holmes instead.
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
05 January, 02:58
Tonight, same time, same channel, in roughly five hours, are you ready to paint some minis with me in the first stream of the year?
Yeah, I bet you are. Let's try and finish our favourite space bug, the Parasite of Mortrex ❤️
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
01 January, 01:18
Gonna try to draw... something at least once a day, try to get some of my confidence back. I've been on a writing kick and, slowly, knocking out of a model painting funk. Gotta try, right?

Today, felt like drawing one of my D&D waifu's, the magnificent Lae'zel.
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
30 December, 06:18
DaiShimaVT @DaiShimaVT
23 December, 10:56
Randon Neuring Clay Figure Painting | 7k Sub Celebration Week - YouTube

Today we are painting my old vtuber friend Randon Channel (RandonNeuring) into a clay figure using polyclay. We will paint the figure with paint in a future ...

CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
17 December, 10:15
Won't be doing any model painting this week, mostly due to my body is just all beat up from my day job and I have a commission I'm doing, poorly, to finish (well behind schedule).

#Kaiju #ENVtuber #twitchstreamer
09 December, 06:31
#Fanfic #Fanfiction #LowIntensityFanficReview #ENVtuber #PNGtuber

Never Again by ProfoundCranium
+ Tomoko focused
+ Pancakes
+ Izuku being himself

This fic focuses on how Ragdoll copes with the loss of her quirk, more specifically how poorly it was going. Izuku drops by, has an emotional conversation with her, and helps her smile for the first time in weeks. They also end up needing to repaint the walls. It was a sweet fic.
Platformer Princess .. @PlatformerPrincess
09 December, 07:54
I am kinda of thinking of doing my traditional art charity stream on the 12th with micron pens,the 13th with copics,the 19th with acrylic paint and the 20th with water colors:) All would be streamed on Twitch from 12-6am EST.Donate at least $2 to get 1 artwork and at least $8 to get all 4 types:)
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
09 December, 12:34
DnD session got postponed (our DM has a bad case of dysentery 😭) but we didn't want to waste the night, so...

Miniature painting party ♥️

Look how my baby boy is coming along, so proud of him 🥹

#warhammer40k #warhammerAoS
CellphishKaiju @Cellphish
04 December, 11:03
Online now over on #Twitch , playing some In Sound Mind (cause I am too tired to paint today)

#ENVtuber #Kaiju #twitchstreamer
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
29 November, 03:05
I hope you're ready for some monstrous creatures....

Tonight, same time, same channel, in roughly five hours, it's time to work on one of my dearest ongoing projects: ABC of the Apocalypse! Letter F: Fwariq the Mute. Lesgo paint some eldritch aberrations ❤️
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
22 November, 03:17

Tonight, same time, same channel, in roughly five hours, get your wet palettes ready, we're going back in with our Parasite of Mortrex! (and Stefano's gonna be there too getting his army ready🥰)
DracoAkuma @DracoAkuma
20 November, 02:45
"do you like to paint?" - Yes I do. Even though I’ll end up painting myself more than I do whatever I’m painting. #tellonym
CrystallinedVT @CrystallinedVT
19 November, 11:00
My wanyamon speed paint is out! So heck that out!
Draw with me Wanyamon (SpeedPaint) - YouTube

Come take a look into how I drew Wanyamon for my Digimon Cybersleuth’s thumbnail.My Contact info:Twitter: https://a...

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