Amanda the ghost @Amanda_the_ghost
22 November, 06:36
i checked, its working still, im finally ready to stream my big balls again and it shall happen soon!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #meandmykatamari #katamari
Amanda the ghost @Amanda_the_ghost
21 November, 05:55
tomorrow it shall finally begin, i shall be palying with some fat balls once again.
#vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #meandmykatamari #katamari
Amanda the ghost @Amanda_the_ghost
12 November, 01:14
the time has come, the day of the schedule as foretold hath cometh!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #spyro #blender #katamari #HyruleWarriors #MinishCap
Amanda the ghost @Amanda_the_ghost
11 November, 07:18
Since black flag was a bust ill be setting my eyes on katamari again, who doesnt like playing with some big balls!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #meandmykatamari #KatamariDamacyReroll
turnip @turnip4wut
11 November, 01:05
she katamari on my damacy til i reroll [clips into the wall and ragdolls away]
Flora @Flora
10 August, 09:54
Going live with We Love Katamari! (Because I do!!!!!)
Flora @Flora
17 June, 08:51
Live with We Love Katamari REROLL!
Flora @Flora
13 June, 03:16
This week's schedule! Gonna play We Love Katamari this weekend! #schedule #ENVtuber
Delta |📦| VPorter |🍕.. @Delta
19 February, 10:06
It's late but my brother showed me one WiP idea for my theme and it was quite nice!

He said it was just the base and he needs to figure out what else to add to it to the base.

It's nice to have such supportive brothers! (Also I slept all day because of the Missed Choccy Milk Incident making me sick ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I made a lot of rookie mistakes, like leaving my preview audio on from when I was vibing to the music... not muting my mic at the beginning... not filling dead air...

Delta |📦| VPorter |🍕.. @Delta
18 February, 08:33
I'm setting up for Katamari after I have brunch and GOOD LORD WHY IS IT SO LOUD

I had to complete the tutorial and get to the sound options FAST even with my global volume at like 3%

It's quite empty here..

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