CrystallinedVT @CrystallinedVT
26 March, 11:21
Let's push through this finals week! And do our best! The new #vTuberSchedule is up! We can DO THIS! Remember to use #crystallinedart for SFW Fan art to be shown and #CrystalLook for Support on stream!
CrystallinedVT @CrystallinedVT
19 March, 05:53
Woo New Schedule is up! School is killing me with finals so no idea about times exactly but I'll damned right do my best! Also I'll try to upload but no promises.

Remember to use #CrystalLook for public support on stream and #crystallinedart for SFW Fan Art.

CrystallinedVT @CrystallinedVT
12 March, 04:46
Here's the schedule for today! I hope you're as excited as I am! Remember to use #crystallinedart and #CrystalLook for public support on my streams!
CrystallinedVT @CrystallinedVT
05 March, 01:44
Here's the schedule for next week! Plenty to look forward to! Can' wait to see you all!

Remember to use #crystallinedart for fan art and #CrystalLook for support on stream!

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