The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
02 June, 06:46
The vampires have been defeated, so it's time for Oake to handle #Skyrim 's dragon problem, isn't it?
Come on in, sit at the counter with us!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber #SmallStreamer
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
02 June, 03:49
I'm out of ways to announce my Skyrim Friday stream starting! CHEESE!! 🧀
#vTuber #SWETuber #ENVtuber #Twitch #Skyrim
KiwiPop @KiwiPop
01 June, 07:37
Some games I hope to stream in the future:
-Ace attorney
-Professor Layton (Maybe in the DS slot since a lot of Layton games are DS games)
-Stray (please I've been avoiding spoilers to go in blind)
-Some games since I bought a bundle a few years back and have a billion games from it lol
-Maybe Minecraft that's always fun
-Skyrim (my friend said it was fun watching me steal cheese)

There's way more but that's a quick list of things likely to be played in the near future. All of these would basically be blind playthroughs except minecraft and skyrim ofc lol.
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
28 May, 08:07
Hear ye, hear ye! The schedule is here!
🏹Daelana will continue her #minecraft quest to summon a pixie and swear fealty to the Summer Court.
🌳Having defeated the vampires, Oake will find a way to rid #Skyrim of those pesky dragons.
Come join us at the counter!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber
KellyOC @KellyOC
28 May, 07:31
I cannot say this enough but I love my chat so much! I hope you liked watching my cautionary tale of "Don't Run in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone"

I raided doobers, literally go watch her RIGHT NOW streaming Skyrim VR I am actually crying laughing
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
26 May, 06:53
In a hopefully somewhat smoother experience, Oake will try to get to the end of that #Skyrim crevice full of "gross elves". Will the fairies in our magical equipment rebel again?

Come on in, sit at the counter with us!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber #SmallStreamer
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
26 May, 03:54
It's Skyrim friday! Starting early to get maybe one and a half hour in instead of only one hour!
#vTuber #SWETuber #Skyrim #Twitch
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
22 May, 09:04
Hear ye, hear ye! The #schedule is here!
🏹Daelana will attempt to find dwarves in #minecraft to trade fey dust with them.
🌳Oake will (hopefully) finish walking the path to enlightenment in #Skyrim to find Auriel's bow.

Join us at the counter in the evening! #ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
19 May, 04:11
Starting the friday stream early and hopefully run through as many caves as possible in Skyrim!
#vTuber #SWETuber #Skyrim #twitchstreaming
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
19 May, 07:52
There it is, the final morning show at the Proverbial Inn.
Today, in #Skyrim , Oake will be trying to escape the ancestral glade with secret Elder scroll knowledge she gained. Vampires beware!
Come on in, sit at the counter with us!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber VTuber #SmallStreamer
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
17 May, 04:38
Wednesday stream! Once again trying to hunt for that sweet cheese in skyrim. Can you tell yet that it's my favourite game? Drop by and say henlo!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #SWETuber #Skyrim #twitchstreaming
Miss Misha @Miss_Misha
12 May, 08:24
I might Be a tad late tonight lovelies but I will be streaming some sexy Skyrim tonight.❤️
Annu🔥Fire Vtuber @OhHeckItsAnnu
12 May, 04:24
Will I ever play anything other than skyrim? No! I am quitting sugar (or lowering my sugar intake) and am cranky, let me enjoy my favourite game!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #SWETuber #Skyrim
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
12 May, 07:31
Another morning show at the Proverbial Inn!

Maya accompanies Oake in #Skyrim today; where will they go? Some adventure opportunities are bound to arise.

Come on in, sit at the counter with us!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber #SmallStreamer
The Proverbial Inn @theproverbialinn
07 May, 11:09
Hear ye, hear ye! The schedule is here!
Again, 🏹Daelana and 🌳 Oake will go on their respective adventures in #minecraft and #Skyrim in this unusual morning performance.

Will their nature friends join again? Just join us at the counter to find out!
#ENVtuber #FantasyVTuber

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