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nekoli @nekoli
27 January, 10:29
Hey all, just looking for feedback on what features/suggestions you'll like focused on next for the site/mobile?
Zenzicubic @zenzicubic
05 December, 01:32
And now, I present a demo of some of Curvascope's features!
#MathVtuber #Vtuberuprising #programming
Zenzicubic @zenzicubic
03 December, 11:53
I've been learning React for the past week or so, and I've rebuilt Curvascope, my hyperbolic tiling explorer, in React.
#reactjs #Vtuberuprising #MathVtuber #HyperbolicTilings #ENVtuber
Zenzicubic @zenzicubic
31 October, 08:29
Happy Hyperboloween! Just learned how to make these using Coxeter groups.
#MathVtuber #ENVtuber #HyperbolicTilings
Zenzicubic @zenzicubic
03 September, 06:30
New video out now, on an easy way to solve any equation (approximately):
#ENVtuber #MathVtuber #Vtuberuprising
Bisection: finding zeros by halving - YouTube

In this short video, I describe the bisection algorithm for root/zero finding: how it works, and the mathematical underpinnings of it. Sorry for the mic glit...

Zenzicubic @zenzicubic
30 August, 09:11
Currently working on a short video, hopefully I will finish it within the next week or so.
#ENVtuber #MathVtuber

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