Bacchae Ophanim @BacchaeOphanim
03 December, 07:04
I have a revised model with side bangs instead of ears, so I will be attempting to rig it again. I've decided I'm gonna stream me doing it.

So when I start doing that, pls help.
shiranui_bzw @shiranui_bzw
03 December, 04:27
I've just published my first blog post!

Title: Is Live2D hard to learn?
Read it here:

What are your thoughts on it?
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
02 December, 11:45
shiranui_bzw @shiranui_bzw
27 November, 07:13
My first post here, and this is my new website for Live2D rigging commission!
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
25 November, 11:24
Auxiliary πŸ€– they/the.. @AuxdroidVT
18 November, 05:12
ugh, been working on my new model as I finally bullied myself out of procrastination station and the vbidger params wont show up in vtube studio in places that isnt the emote set up, they wont even work on the vbrdger test head (they do show up from it already being set up but the text is red and it wont show on the list) so its a vtube studio issue at a guess but annoying nonetheless.
#Live2D #vbridger #VTubeStudio
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
18 November, 01:53
SabrinaπŸ¦„ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
16 November, 11:31
Live ended!
The live2d model is coming along nicely! The head is done, now it's time to focus on the body and then we're off to rigging!
Thank you so much to VailleVamp for the raid! And we went and send the love to TieflingMelissa SHE'S BACK BABYYY
Until next time, behave
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
16 November, 08:38
Final Fantasy XIV - Grind Time Before Reset - YouTube

Kiki's Twitch: 13th 2023

ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
16 November, 08:36
Final Fantasy XIV - Saturday Vibes - YouTube

Kiki's Twitch: 12th 2023

ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
16 November, 08:33
Final Fantasy XIV - It's Grind Time, Baby - YouTube

Kiki's Twitch: 11th 2023

ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
15 November, 03:53
Void Starr @VoidStarr
14 November, 06:31
A bit of a change of pace. I've been working on the non-chibi versions of my PNGs (from there to become refs/cut forms to turn into Live2D models) for each of my forms. Tell me what you think of this WIP! (I'm quite proud of how it's turning out thus far!) βœ¨πŸ’™

Masculine form Void Starr WIP
CheckyNyanChan @CheckyNyanChan
12 November, 06:10
Due to some events I'm redoing my #Live2Dart #Giveaway!
-2 outfits
-2 Hairstyles
-All the emote toggles
-Undies/NSFW Base
β™₯️Drop your PNG.
Ends Nov 30
#VTuberArt #donothon #vTuber #vtuberen #ENVtuber #ENVtubers #VTubers #Vtuberuprising #Live2D
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
11 November, 08:28

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