Red Vacant @RedVacant
20 March, 09:43
I'll be working on a comic episode called 'Twitter Graduation'. It means those that have officially left twitter for good and have no desire to return since that site causes a lot of drama. I'll work on it after I finish a comic series for @GoldenFruitKiwi . #TwitterGraduation #deletetwitter
Red Vacant @RedVacant
19 March, 02:41
How the heck did my tiktok get suspended when I didn't upload anything? Hmmm. If I don't get it back, then all of my comic contents will be on here. I'm not even worried. Would I make another tiktok account if possible? Signs point to no or maybe. It's a good thing I have a website as a backup which I will publish right away. #Tiktok #Comic #Surprise #Website
Red Vacant @RedVacant
19 March, 12:35
I'm working on a two part comic. Was supposed to be three, but then I realized, the third part may be too bloody. I have to remember that in anime, mostly everyone prefers ecchi sexual content.(hentai is number one to everyone, ecchi is number 2.) The blood is only needed when pro wrestlers do it or something that is minor. I admit blood is a huge turn off when something happens, but sexual content is ok. Hentai, I leave to the pros. Which is Japan. Working on comics that are very short is hard, but worth it. But I'll see if I'm up to drawing that third part. #Comic #Ecchi #Blood #Story
Red Vacant @RedVacant
17 March, 01:22
I did read the news about what might happen to tiktok, and I hope it doesn't get banned. Tiktok is the easiest place to stream live and upload videos compared to twitch, trovo, and other platforms. If it does, fret not, my comic episodes will be uploaded here. Probably in parts. But as for my friend, @GoldenFruitKiwi I'll help him on where he can upload his video game videos. But it won't be Youtube. So I'll look, but tiktok is the best bet. #Tiktok #Twitch #vTuber #YouTube
Red Vacant @RedVacant
10 March, 02:54
I was able to create 10 attires for myself when I record the episodes. I will also be making comic episodes for myself, for my friend, goldenfruitkiwi, along with a new vtuber that is debuting. I will also have an announcement that is in the works. Look forward to it when I'm free. #RedVacantattire #vTuber #VtuberOutfits #Debut
Lizardguy @Lizardguy
05 March, 04:11
I forget, did I ever share this really really REALLY old clip? Batman's enemies have gotten more creative since the original Detective Comics days.
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
25 February, 04:35
Lucha Knights, after thinking and talking about it with friends. I have my decision and it happened.
I deleted my twitter account. Too much harassment. So much hate. Not just over video games, not just over anime characters, not just over pro wrestling, not just over a music and songs. Basically. Everything. And I did that after completing and Livestream Escape from Hotel Izanami. So now, I'll be mostly here.
A two part comic from my friend Red is in the works on the craziness of why I left twitter. Feel the Lucha! #Twitter #vTuber #Craziness #ThankGod
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
14 February, 05:39
Lucha Knights! A Valentine's Day Special for who I send a big red heart to(That has chocolates inside) will be uploaded some time tomorrow afternoon or evening right here on this site. Feel the Lucha! #vTuber #Comic #ValentinesDay
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
12 February, 05:31
Hello Lucha Knights, my friend that made my model now has a account. I'm sure you all know who it is. RedVacant. Red's been busy making a Valentine's Day special with me in it. And of course, told me that Twitter is continuing to be dramatic and sad. May upload comic content here. Or if Red does as well. Depending on the size. Plus, Red is debuting soon. Feel the Lucha! #vTuber #Debut
Parker_Ryland @Parker_Ryland
09 February, 02:32
An amazing comic made by Pastry Smarts (or butt0n_z on twitter) that I dubbed

Featuring me, and two of my alternate universe counter parks,
No Budget Pan Rake
and Soft Philip Russell
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
02 February, 02:08
I have good news. I finally found a place where to do livestream. And it isn't twitch. Dlive. Youtube. Etc. All this time I was avoiding this site, but with the help of friends and family that convinced me to stream on this site, it will happen. Also, the one that made my model, will be joining me on that site. And of course, the one who made my model, will work on getting an account here when that person finishes an upcoming comic for a preview of where I will livestream. #vTuber #Announcement #livestream
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
24 January, 05:23
Hello Lucha Knights, I found out that my longer video content can easily be uploaded on Minds with no problems at all. I didn't upload it completely, but based on the load from my status, it appears to be a success. So it sounds like my whole video game recording content may go there. After that, comic series here and Minds. Maybe Twitter, since I read that Twitter isn't doing too well. Livestream, unknown. Checking out Trovo to see what it's like. Feel the Lucha! #VtubersUprising #vTuber #PNGtuber #Trovo
Purrvana_ @Purrvana_
15 January, 06:23
I didn't want the first mention of my special project to be this. But for weeks, I've worked tirelessly to add unique technology to my mother's store to try and set her apart from the competition. My plan has been to fully unveil it this summer, but right now that dream feels hopeless. Yesterday, Purrmama was robbed of her money at her booth. Overnight, it has become even worse, as the entire trailer has now been stolen. This occurred at Comic Con in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If anyone has any information or sees suspicious activity, please do speak up. #comiccon #comicconalbuquerque
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
14 January, 05:11
Testing and checking out what I need to do to start streaming on twitch. Also checking on youtube as well. No debut live stream date yet. I'll let everyone know when that time comes. But good news. The artist that made my model has granted me permission to upload some of his comic slideshows. He just started working on it. So not only will you be seeing my series, but also his as well. He makes two different series, but they are together. So look forward to that as well when that time comes. #Comic #Twitch #YouTube #PNGtuber #vTuber
Golden Kiwi @GoldenFruitKiwi
12 January, 04:13
Just completed a voice acting for episode 1 of my mini comic slideshow series. The special and the episode will be shown soon when I debut on twitch. Where it will be shown? Not sure at the moment. Could be Odysee. Could be Minds. Youtube. No. Youtube has problems of it's own. Could be here on this site. Who knows? #Vtubercomic #PNGtuber #vTuber #Comic #Slideshow

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