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nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 02:11
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

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NyaNemesis @NyaNemesis
02 August, 08:00
On continue la run en Professionnel ! sur Resident Evil 4 Remake.
#Twitch #TwitchAffliate #Vtuberfr #vTuber #RE4 #ResidentEvil4Remake
Pacraos🐊💚CrocodileVt.. @Pacraos
31 May, 01:36
🔴En Vivo!!
✨Hoy seguimos con el papusho de Leon en #ResidentEvil4Remake,
Podremos avanzar con la historia? o nos quedaremos admirando la bellesa de Leon

Se bienvenido a la CocoFamilia 🐊
Link 💜➡️

#Twitch #VtuberES #vTuber
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
17 April, 03:32
We're heading back into #ResidentEvil4Remake ! Please no more Ashley stages. D:

#VTubers #VtubersEN #VtuberUprisings
Sir Squiggleton @SirSquiggleton
13 April, 09:59
We're gonna beat this game tonight!
I love Resident Evil so much Just wish I was better at it
#ENVtuber #ResidentEvil4Remake #GoingLive
Zey @ZeyTheIncubus
09 April, 01:23
Nemu of the Sleep @nemuofthesleep
08 April, 12:07
I'm a simple catgirl. Zombie presents the booty.... I shoot the booty. #ResidentEvil4Remake
Kenshin Imperatriz @KenshinImperatriz
07 April, 06:02
Bora pra live da tarde pegando S+ no Profissional do RE4Remake !
#vTuber #VtuberBR #twitchstreaming #ResidentEvil4Remake
RabbitSenseiVT || 🐇👑.. @RabbitSenseiVT
07 April, 04:22
Wake up, Stranger! The new Mercenaries mode is live!

| #vTuber #ENVtuber #ResidentEvil4Remake
Kenshin Imperatriz @KenshinImperatriz
05 April, 10:08
Começamos a livezinha de tentar pegar o rank S+ no modo profissional do Re4Remake !
#ResidentEvil4Remake #vTuber #VtuberBR #twitchstreaming
Nephastun Blackfield @NephBlack
04 April, 11:34
Hoy como había prometido, tenemos directo de resident evil 4!!!

me ayudaría mucho su apoyo con pasándose, compartiendo y comentando 💙💜

#RE4 #ResidentEvil4Remake #twitchgaming
DM & Scoots @DMponVT
04 April, 09:21
Greed outweighs fear.
Vesper Nox @Vesper_Nox
04 April, 09:00
Today we'll be picking back up with the Resident Evil 4 Remake! Going live in about an hour!

#VtubersEN #Vtuberuprising #ResidentEvil4Remake
Snake Halibaster @Snake_HalibasterVT
04 April, 04:50
Uh oh! Gonna be in a bit of a pickle for today's stream! Seems the "Big Cheese" is getting heckin' mad at us! Gonna be live here at 3PM CST! Hope you will join me, snakelets, for some more #ResidentEvil4Remake! #ENVtuber
DM & Scoots @DMponVT
02 April, 11:08
Early stream? I hardly knew er. Let's continue Resident Evil 4 and Borderlands in tonight's double stream night! #ResidentEvil4Remake
Maskino @Maskino
02 April, 06:25
#ResidentEvil4Remake is so relatable...
Nemu of the Sleep @nemuofthesleep
01 April, 10:30

There's a bug at the beginning of Ch. 12 that can ruin your save. Capcom is working on a fix, but here's the no-spoilers description needed to avoid the bug:

"A cutscene will play at the beginning of Ch. 12, after which the player will receive a key item. Please refrain from attacking with the knife until the notification for obtaining this item is displayed in the upper right of the screen."

#vTuber #ResidentEvil4Remake
RabbitSenseiVT || 🐇👑.. @RabbitSenseiVT
01 April, 07:18
For those in the mood for some good ol' Capcom horror. The entirety of my playthrough of the "Resident Evil 4: REmake" is up, over on YouTube!

| #vTuber #ENVtuber #ResidentEvil4Remake
[ ]
ValentynaBunnybutt @ValentynaBunnybutt
01 April, 04:47
🔴LIVE🔴 Hey Everybunny, I'm streaming #ResidentEvil4Remake hop on in my Twitch 💚

#vTuber #vtuberen #StreamingLive
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 03:10
Maris The Sea Witch @Maris_Mermaid
31 March, 02:33
We're going live with Part 2 of this #ResidentEvil4Remake playthrough. Pray for me..
Sir Squiggleton @SirSquiggleton
30 March, 10:37
Playing more Resident Evil 4 Remake.
Lets save that Ashley!
#ENVtuber #twitchstreaming #ResidentEvil4Remake
Afress 🎐 | Wind Deit.. @AfressHighwind
30 March, 08:55
I'm sorry we're playing more - RE4 Remake - Professional Run
#VTubers #vtuberen #RE4Remake #RE4 #ResidentEvil4Remake
Aceisyourdeath @Aceisyourdeath
30 March, 08:06
Has anyone played the #ResidentEvil4Remake yet I am considering starting a professional run with no tommy gun suit on twitch.
Rose Witch 🩷Model 2... @VTRoseWitch
30 March, 03:13
before I go to bed, have an edit I made recently and posted on my TT and my YT 🩷🩵 #clip #ENVTuber️ #ResidentEvil4Remake
Kulakandragoon @kulakandragoon
29 March, 11:52
Going live over on twitch with more #ResidentEvil4Remake We're gonna find out just how hard Leon can kick everything in his way
G3R0🐸🧋 Interdimensio.. @G3R064
26 March, 12:03
More #ResidentEvil4Remake? You bet!!

I am tired as hell but ready to be jump scared with
G3R0🐸🧋 Interdimensio.. @G3R064
24 March, 11:46
#ResidentEvil4Remake anyone? I will be on AnchorsAzure's stream in about 15mins!!! Come check it out!!

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