Get started

Welcome to the vTubers.Me API. This guide will help you use our API to access vTubers.Me API endpoints, therefore, we recommend that you use this particular documentation and contact us for assistance in case of unclear questions. [email protected]

Important terminology

Please understand the terminology of our API before you start using it.

Basic definitions

Title Value Remarks
API Access URL [ENDPOINT_TYPE] URL address for access to API Must be as shown in the example. E.g.
Auth token[YOUR-SESSION-ID] Most of the user's actions require their authorization, for example, liking a post or determining whether the user follows another profile, or etc. Therefore, we recommend that you always send a user's session on a get request if the user is logged in.
API Access key[YOUR-API-KEY] To access the API, the most important point is a unique API key that is specific to each instance of this script.
Response data type {...} The server response to your API request will be in JSON format