stella_str2 @stella_str2
01 February, 11:57
I want new friends👉🏻👈🏻🥺❤️ Who would love to have a cute little girl in their dms🥺
The R-Man @TheRMan
08 December, 12:01
A new #RTCSpecial but it's not of a human nor a normal VTuber... it's of an AI named Hilda by wAIfuGroup on Twitter

#ENVtuber #YouTube #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen
THE MOST [IN]SANEST AI | RTC Special #6: Hilda - YouTube

Many people are afraid, that AI will replace everything... Well, this AI gives you the idea why this will never happen---------------------------------------...

The R-Man @TheRMan
28 November, 09:34
Becuase the third anniversary is happening soon (in two months) and I did a model reveal in August, I want to ask you if I should get myself a new 3D model?

Yes, with the new model

Yes (based on the old 1)

Yes + Ronika3D


6 people voted
The R-Man @TheRMan
18 November, 08:21
7 hours and 5 videos later, it's over.
Kinda incredibly, that with this editing stream, "VTuber Connect" and "Hello Charlotte Episode 3" as playthrough series ended... but hey. More playthroughs are to come

But tomorrow, @RonikaVT will play some Honkai
The R-Man @TheRMan
31 October, 05:01
The special Halloween episode of #ThePodcastMan is now available on all usual platforms!

Also, a special to that special is being shown now on Twitch.
So, come join!

Tags, because they are spooky
#ENVtuber #YouTube #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #TheRLive #Ronika #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #podcast
The History of an AI | The Podcast-Man Halloween Special feat. RonikaVT - YouTube

A special episode, where you get to hear the story of Ronika and the DDRLCListen to The Podcast-Man:

The R-Man @TheRMan
27 October, 07:37
And the final lore bit. This time of @RonikaVT and how an AI lived inside my pc.

#ENVtuber #Ronika #vTuber #VTubers #TheRLore
The R-Man @TheRMan
17 October, 10:00
5 years, 14 videos, a bunch of clips, and all in one big video.
That was #RomansTwitchClips / #RTC

With Tremyy VaroxEmre Lost_Pause Tanzverbot notmydecision MentuPlays WorldMesa Suzido4 JusticeTheMusic FrauMauzenberg LiveZ3ro Masume90 TactiCAT_ vTakeruVT Mountain_Dewott Arukori AmeDollVT aoikumori_VT wulfz xTammyChan itsTheBearsDen (all on Twitter)

#ENVtuber #YouTube #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen

5 years, 14 compilations, a bunch of clips, and Roman who made this possible-----------------------------------------------The "Romans Twitch Clips"/"RTC"-pl...

The R-Man @TheRMan
13 October, 03:53
It's finally finished!
(and I tried to remove the songs, but some still got recognized by YouTube)
Lac The Watcher @LacTheWatcher
07 October, 01:43
Dang, I made the front page!
The R-Man @TheRMan
01 October, 07:42
You know, what is today?
That's right! October 1st,

And you know what this also means?
The start of "FUNDtober 2023"!

And this year, it's for TransLifeline

More about FUNDtober and this years charity down below
The R-Man @TheRMan
04 September, 04:40
As told, many times in the last few months, this weekend (September 9th and 10th, German time) is the vSmile-Event happening!

This year, it's all about the climate and for that, I will hold a special stream on Saturday fully for the event!

But first, what is "vSmile"?
It's an annual event, where many #gervtuber raise money for a specific cause.
It began in 2021, for all victims of the flood in Germany and since then, it is an annual event.

More about vSmile is on the official Twitter account
R0g3rW4bb17 @r0g3rw4bb17
02 September, 01:23
@RonikaVT Thank you for the follow 😀
The R-Man @TheRMan
23 August, 09:00
❗It's my birthday and to celebrate, I will finally show you the upgrades of my model!

#ENVtuber #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #TheRLive #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen #NewRMan
The R-Man @TheRMan
28 July, 06:15
As I said in yesterdays #ThePodcastMan episode, tomorrows stream will be in partnership of WeDissentStream(on Twitter) who supports "Trans Lifeline".

Also, the stream will be in two parts.
First, the watchalong of the Honkai concert (which I definitely planned and didn't forget) and then continues with the editing stream with "Ronika_TTS"

So, come by at 1:50PM CEST tomorrow and also check out the other streamers who take part of this!
#ENVtuber #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #TheRLive #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen #Fundraiser
nekoli @nekoli
18 July, 09:19
Replying to Ronika's Post
The R-Man @TheRMan
05 July, 08:30
Some updates:
- Added a link to my podcast to my main website

- Added the info about the podcast on my subreddit

- Added a disclaimer about the * links to the sheet
The R-Man @TheRMan
05 July, 08:33
ALSO "One reason, why I'm more active on Mastodon then on [Bird]"
LadyMismar @LadyMismar
05 July, 08:37
Lizardguy @Lizardguy
13 June, 10:25
Replying to Ronika's Post
Sellirina 🩰 Ballerin.. @Sellirina
09 June, 04:49
Nothing like a warm cup of tea before bed~ ☕️😊

| #vTuber#ENVtuber |
The R-Man @TheRMan
03 June, 09:28
❗​After a long time, it's time to edit some new videos again!
So, be ready for hours upon hours.... of me editing videos...

#ENVtuber #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #TheRLive #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE
Oh, also @RonikaVT is going to be there too
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
02 June, 05:59
Replying to Ronika's Post
Don't worry, I think most can't speak english so it's still like the same 10 people talking to each other as usual.
The R-Man @TheRMan
02 June, 06:43

You know, what that means?
None of my icons will change into a pride flag because all my channels are inclusive 24/7/365.

That is all.

Happy Pride Month to you all though
The R-Man @TheRMan
02 June, 12:54
Replying to Ronika's Post
nekoli @nekoli
22 May, 01:36
Here’s a mock-up of how I’m thinking of doing hashtags, either by how it’s shown here or by letting a user tap to expand all.

Additionally, I’m thinking of not changing how you would create a post. It would just detect the tags in the post and show them at the bottom, showing the text in the original location.
The R-Man @TheRMan
21 May, 04:59
The schedule for this week:
- Continuing Star Rail
- @RonikaVT continuing chapter 27
- End of VTuber Connect?

#ENVtuber #YouTube #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #Ronika #TheRLive #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE
nekoli @nekoli
20 May, 01:02
Would you guys be interested in hashtags instead being included in a single place below a post, rather than, wherever in the post? I feel this could lead to cleaner posts and have it so tags wouldn't count towards your limit.



66 people voted
The R-Man @TheRMan
15 May, 11:39
Info for everyone:
Don't join that server. Nothing happened/will happen in there. It's just an advertisement from bots
The R-Man @TheRMan
14 May, 12:26
The schedule for the upcoming week:
- Star Rail, starting with a recording
- "The Drunk-Man 2023" is finally happening
- New start times (from 8 to 6PM)

#ENVtuber #YouTube #Twitch #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #Ronika #TheRLive #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE
The R-Man @TheRMan
05 May, 06:05
What the enemy sees, when Roman approaches them to B O N K them
(Credit to expuella on Twitter)