RenanArgent @RenanArgent
04 April, 02:48
hello people, how's your day going?
nekoli @nekoli
03 April, 04:49
vTubers.Me supports vTubers and creators of all diversity, which yes does include trans creators. At the time of making the original post on the vTubers.Me account, I was wanting to show that we support all creators and will take action against those that choose to harass or discriminate any creator. People have brought up arguments saying because I did not mention trans creators directly that I am transphobic, which is far from the case. I was really trying to fit what I could into one post and I admitted in a follow-up the quality of it suffered because of it.
Eveefun @Eveefun
02 April, 12:27
i imagine people that are new to this platform, such as myself, may not be aware of who even.. MADE the whole thing
with that being said, @nekoli seems to know what they're doing, gonna patiently wait for updates
follow em for updates
RenanArgent @RenanArgent
02 April, 08:04
Hello i'm Renan Argent an cyborg tiger and wolf hybrid.
I started with fnaf 3d modelling but today im studying about doing anime and furry models.

I dont stream on twitch much but im aways playing some games. If want to see more about me or talk to me, my dms are aways open!

arts made by: Daymoon_100

#2dvtuber #art #furry
RenanArgent @RenanArgent
02 April, 05:19
Idk what to post here so...
Take a look at this loop animation i made for my stream!