KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
13 April, 07:44
VBridger and extreme head angles live2d file is available for purchase!

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KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
10 April, 07:28
Happy to announce the opening of my and my friend's
@/NiwPendraig (twitter)
Discord: NewTubers! Everyone is welcome. Artists, riggers, musicians, and vtubers alike. I highly encourage all my children to join, it will make papa very happy !!

Looks like nobody correctly guessed the icon. It's a Newt munching on a cookie. No emotes for anyone! Jk, there are emotes in the discord, drawn by yours truly ;)

Link below !
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KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
09 April, 07:48
The person to correctly guess this icon gets a free emote from me

Coming soon....

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KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
07 April, 10:45
My mom, to the tune of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman: “Do you wanna go to Costco”
KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
05 April, 08:01
You know what they say... you have to be well-rounded and flexible

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KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
05 April, 03:05
hmmm does anyone know if this site treats links the same as Twitter? I would love to include links in my posts without it decreasing the visibility on people’s timelines ><
KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
02 April, 05:45
Injury from too much rigging over the past month ☠️☠️☠️☠️
KkAllTheWayy @KkAllTheWayy
02 April, 03:55
hallo friendos, i rig vtubers and i also do music n stuff. my first post will be me complaining about how ive been rigging so so much that i needed to get compression gloves and ergonomic mouses

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