nekoli @nekoli
27 February, 11:51
Hey everyone,

Apologies for the recent downtime. The machine that was hosting vTubers.Me ended up just crashing and it took the host till now to get the drives swapped over to a new machine. Everything should be operating fine now though.

Please let me know if you notice any issues.
nekoli @nekoli
27 January, 10:29
Hey all, just looking for feedback on what features/suggestions you'll like focused on next for the site/mobile?
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
22 January, 02:22
YOOO i just found out about a game that honestly deserves WAY more attention than it has (partly because i barely even seen marketing for it, but we can change that ourselves 😉)

The name is BlasterBeat, It's a Rhythm shooter game like BPM or Metal: Hellsinger, only it also has PvP as well as Custom Songs Support. I played a little bit to get the feel and honestly it has great potential, it just needs the players.
BlasterBeat - Custom music update - YouTube

BlasterBeat is the award-winning PvP rhythm-shooter. Master shooting to a unique variety of tracks in dynamic and innovative gameplay in arenas with up to 8 ...

blujaymix 💙 musical .. @blujaymix
08 January, 07:27
06 January, 03:55
Replying to Desirablebottom's Post
Splattercat is pretty funny, and I like his vibes.
06 January, 03:32
"I like... bold girls, shy girls, tall girls, small girls, sassy girls, smart girls, quiet girls, noisy girls, vulgar girls, fierce girls, fat girls, skinny girls, tomboys, fems, and girls who don't identify with anything in particular because they're just a person. I like you"

- TeacupAudio

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