Cibfox @Cibfox
25 April, 06:33
Rat or Shark?
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Almighty cookie

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Cibfox @Cibfox
04 April, 07:03
Cibfox @Cibfox
31 March, 01:54
Meow. That's all That's the...what do we call these things now? What am I doing? Who am I? Aaaaaaah
Cibfox @Cibfox
30 March, 05:48
i supose I have to introduce myself. hii i'm cibby smol slime tuber. That's all. There is nothing more to say. I am shy and anxious, and i want friends or someone to play games with. But don't worry as I already love you. Have a nice day.
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Cibfox @Cibfox
30 March, 05:31
Shark is love, shark is life.
Shark is Rat.
Rat is bite.
Bite is love.
Rat is love.
I am Rat.
I am shark.
You are Shark.
We are Shark.
Shark is love.
Go watch Shark.